Jenny’s Chicago Dog – As Seen on A&E

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If you watched Wahlburgers on A&E this week, you’ll have seen Donnie bring Jenny McCarthy to meet the family in Boston – and Paul made a burger just for her. The Jenny’s Chicago Dog is still available on the menu, so if you want to see what everyone was so excited about in the past episode, head over to Wahlburgers in Hingham and try it out! After all, where else can you get a “burger” like this:

  • 3 Hot dog patties
  • Yellow mustard, chopped onion & tomato, house pickles, & celery salt
  • all on a buttered, grilled bun!

Check in this coming Wednesday for more Wahlburgers fun on A&E!

Comments (2)

  • Michael White


    Where did Pauly get the meat for the Chicago Dog? I have never seen anything like that before. Looks more like bologna that a weiner.


  • Terry


    Chopped up hotdogs for the base and into the blender with eggs and bread crumbs for a binder. Fry em up and slice em like he does, then add all the carefully selected condiments (as opposed to components!!).

    Just a guess. Good show by the way. Love the mum!


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